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We’ve taken inspiration from Spotify and decided to do our own 2021 Wrapped! So, let’s take a deep dive into our awards, clients, and other tidbits this year. Clients 2021

Some of our clients started with us last year, but they contributed to an excellent year for Appspire! It’s a pleasure to work with these fellas.

  • Apple Pie. They joined us in late 2020, and earlier this year, we were able to launch their app successfully! Now that they’ve got those “new app bugs” sorted out, it works smoothly, and we hope to see them take off. We believe the app will greatly benefit our teachers by allowing them to stay connected.
  • City of Austin, TX. In case you missed it in our newsletter, we officially scored a deal with the city of Austin to spread awareness of rights to fight back against discrimination. It covers all the fundamental rights- housing, jobs, LGBQT+, and everything else to live a comfortable life. This year-long campaign will feature our GIF ads, so keep a lookout for them. Also, check out the official site here.
  • Urban Jungle. Not to toot our own horn or anything, but we did collaborate with Instagram celebrity Elise Swopes! Together with BrainFeverMedia, we created an app like Photoshop but without the hassle. But, there’s still plenty of options for photo editing, ensuring that your photos look great.

We have some more that we’re working with now- find out what exciting apps and campaigns we have in store for you soon!


 Awards & Achievements 2021

We won a PR Firm Award for the second year in a row! You can read about it on our blog. And, we helped our sister company, Redwood Creative Inc., win a website award.

Also worthy of 2021 Wrapped: Our newsletters! Here’s our New Year, Spring, Summer, and Holiday Newsletter. Check out our blogs as well- we have cool stuff like Austin eatery/scenery recommendations, the latest news about technology, all the good stuff.

We hope everyone had a great year- thank you to our clients and loyal fans who made this an excellent year for us. Onto next year!


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