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Best Social Media Platforms For Reaching Your Audience

Best Social Media Platforms For Reaching Your Audience

Because social media platforms are unique, it can be overwhelming trying to manage multiple social media accounts. Also, different platforms cater to different types of audiences. Here’s how to effectively optimize your social media outreach.


Which Social Media Platform Is Best?

Every business at least needs a Facebook page because nearly everyone is on Facebook. With Facebook Business Suite, you can make your page official and manage your audience better. Plus, people are more likely to check your Facebook page first, maybe even before your website. It’s also good to have the other main platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram. The word can really get around on Twitter, and there’s a variety of audiences there. If you want to reach out to younger people, you can use the trendy ones, such as TikTok and Reddit.


Trying to sell products? Then you need Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. As Instagram and Pinterest are focus on photos, buyers will be hooked once they see your product. Also, influencers normalized Instagram as being a massive online shopping mall. Twitter also loves to share innovative products, especially by black-owned and small businesses. You could also use LinkedIn, Reddit, and TikTok, but don’t worry about it if you don’t have time.

If you are looking to promote business services, such as marketing or website development, you definitely need LinkedIn and Twitter. A LinkedIn profile will help potential customers look at what you and your services are about, enticing them to reach out to learn more. As with products, Twitter and Reddit will spread the word about helpful services.


Also, it is handy to have your e-mail/contact information available on your social media platforms. Social media messaging can feel like talking to a wall or spammy. By providing preferred contact info, you are welcoming your guest to reach out and become invested in your products/services. Concentrate on the main platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Then, if you have time, use Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn, and TikTok as needed.


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