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Earth Day is on Thursday, April 22, 2021

Earth Day is on Thursday, April 22, 2021

One of the most important days is approaching- Earth Day will be on Thursday, April 22. This will be the 51st year of the United States observing the landmark day. The Earth gives us more than we will ever know. In return, we can learn about environmental awareness and take care of our planet.

Earth Day History

The Nixon administration saw a lot of environmentally-conscious people in the office. The Industrial Revolution brought a lot of problems that coerced the administration to address the issues. Factories were polluting the air and water to dangerous levels. Then, the Clean Air and Water Act enters the chat. This was the first major legal policy addressing climate change and the quality of our air and water. On April 22, 1970, Senator Gaylord Nelson implemented Earth Day to spread awareness. Around 60 cities celebrated in their first year. Next, it led to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in December 1970. Now, all of the United States will host clean-ups around this day. And, you can score sweet deals on biodegradable or re-usable items. The day’s activities consist of picking up litter, avoiding vehicular transportation (or at least rideshare), and voicing your environmental concerns to the local government. We can also celebrate our progress to a cleaner planet.


Earth Tips

There are plenty of other things to do for Earth on April 22 (and year-round!) Here’s a list.

  • Get your tree-hugging on: go to your local nursery and buy some plants. Make your own little garden for bees & butterflies to pollinate. Here’s a list of pollinator-friendly plants. Also to help our pollinators, set up a water station for them.
  • Be aware of how much energy and water you consume. For Earth Day, turn your air off for the day. Also, turn the faucet off- we waste water brushing our teeth, washing dishes, and so on.
  • Ditch single-use products. Yes, plastic/metal can be recycled, but it causes environmental harm to produce in the first place. Also, stay far away from styrofoam. Try swapping paper towels for cleaning rags instead.
  •  If you live near some water, go pick up litter around there. Concentrate on watershed areas, too. Rivers carry roughly around 1 million metric tons of plastic into the ocean.
  • Donate or buy products from eco-friendly retailers, such as 4ocean and In2Green. Educate yourself on environmental progressions, such as fracking, air pollution, and water quality.


Remember, we only have one Earth. Please be nice to it. Live every day like it’s Earth Day!


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