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Client Spotlight: Apple Pie Is Now Available

Client Spotlight: Apple Pie Is Now Available

It is exciting to announce that our client is releasing her first app, Apple Pie, today! It is available on the Apple App Store. Here’s what the app is about.

Apple Pie

Apple Pie is an education app founded by Marissa Keim to make teaching fun and more inclusive. Also, another important aspect is in times of social distance teaching, it helps teachers feel less isolated. The app serves as a social media platform for teachers (PreK- grade 12) to connect with other teachers throughout the United States. And, you can selectively choose who to follow by grade/subject/district. Use #hastags to find specific posts/subjects. Then, the profile page features a similar layout to Instagram. First, the home page, where you can see posts from who you follow, can like/comment/start a conversation thread. For more in-depth discussions, such as asking for ideas, you can create a forum. Additionally, there’s a blog section where you can blog about daily teaching life and offer advice. Although there are lots of students and only one of you, help is available through Apple Pie.

We first started working with the app in November, and our team worked hard to develop the app to its full potential. It is always fun and rewarding to help others with their apps and to watch them enjoy their success. Thus, we believe this app will bring educators together and improve the educational environment overall. The goal is to create a social media platform that serves as a teacher’s lounge. Go on and download/share the app here; it’s free. Use the summertime to familiarize yourself and your teacher posse with the app and be prepared for the upcoming school year!

 “It’s an app for teachers, by teachers.” – Marissa Keim, app founder.


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