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Happy First Day of Summer 2021!

Happy First Day of Summer 2021!

Today, June 21, 2021, marks the first day of summer! We know it’s already felt like summer for almost a month now. But, that only meant that Texas was pre-heating. Now, summer is in full swing, and we can make up for last year’s summer! It’s officially “legs stuck to plastic chair season” again.

First Day of Summer 2021

People are READY for summer. First, Greg Abbott appropriately kicked off the summer season by legalizing alcohol to-go. With movie theaters, shopping, and restaurants open again, businesses hope to regain momentum. Like we’ve been saying since last year, please continue to support local businesses- another activity to try out this summer. Also, live music and concerts are back YAY! Our rivers and lakes will surely be packed as well. We love summer because of the longer days, and the roads aren’t iced over. See ya in six months, below-70-degree weather!

Need some ideas about what to do this summer? Here’s what’s going on in and around Austin, TX, the next couple of months.


Summer Reminders

Also, since it’s apparent that ERCOT needs an upgrade, Texans should try to consume less energy so we don’t overwhelm our electricity system. Set out water for our hot and thirsty furry friends who can’t escape the heat. We would like to take a moment to remind our readers to please be safe! Don’t go too crazy, especially with to-go alcohol. We hope you get to go on vacation and enjoy your summer activities! Just remember to pick up after yourself everywhere you go.

What are you doing/what did you do during the longest day of the year? Are you a beach and sun person, or a hoodie and hot chocolate person? Any summer plans? We’d love to hear!


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