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Doin’ Big Things – 5 Tools for the New Year

Doin’ Big Things – 5 Tools for the New Year

It’s 2020 and time to start killin’ it! We all have big plans, but do we have the tips and tools needed to get started? There is so much to do. At times, it can be overwhelming. First things first though. Remember to keep it simple with just a few goals. Let’s say, for example, a career achievement, a financial plan, and a long-term goal, like a summer vacation.  Or maybe an educational aspiration, a pledge to volunteer or fundraise, and an organizational goal. Once you’ve got a plan, how will you execute it? Here are a few hacks below that can help the new you focus and stay on top of those big plans.



Calendar and Planner Tool in Canva

If you’ve never used Canva, then do I have a surprise for you! This simple and FREE graphic design tool is my best friend. I personally use it for all kinds of projects. Recently, I discovered the calendar and planner templates within. Now I have made my own monthly calendar with a new inspirational quote each month. If a quote isn’t your thing, perhaps use this space for notes or include goal reminders to keep you focused on your plan.


The Wall of Progress

This trick is a favorite of mine that I utilized to stay motivated and feel accomplished during college. However, it can be used for all sorts of goals, achievements, and milestones. As a student, I wrote each class I would have to take for my degree on colorful pieces of construction paper. At the beginning of my educational journey, I posted each of these on what I called my “Wall of Progress”, in my home workspace. I would remove each piece of paper as I completed the corresponding class. I felt a huge sense of accomplishment as my “Wall of Progress” got smaller.


Gratitude Reminders

A big part of me staying positive and energetic throughout the day is passing that ardor on to others. I feel a boost myself, every time I boost another individual. A great tip to keep me spreading those posi-vibes is to set calendar reminders to send a note of gratitude to someone special. It could be a colleague, mentor, family member, or client. I like to send a personalized note that is short and sweet, expressing appreciation to that individual for something specific they have done for me.


Financial Spreadsheet

It’s crucial to reassess your personal budget at the beginning of each year, especially when incorporating new plans into your life, for instance, that goal for a great summer vacation. Keeping a spreadsheet or using a budget app is a great way to continually stay on top of those financial goals. A financially driven and disciplined friend of mine shared the spreadsheet below to help keep me savvy with spending.

Personal Budget Spreadsheet


Winter Hacks 

So, you’ve got some goals, plans, and tools. But how are you going to stick to them when it’s cold and dreary outside? Here are a few fun ideas to stay warm, keep moving, and stave off cabin fever.

  1. Interpretive Dancing to your “Anthem”
  2. Singing in the Hot Shower
  3. Scheduled Workouts so you CAN’T back out
  4. Consume Energy-Boosting Foods like Lemon Angel Hair Pasta, Green Tea, Roasted Broccoli, and Chicken Tostadas
  5. Keep Your Home Clutter-Free

Do you feel ready for 2020? A bit more than you did before? If so, that’s a start. Now here’s to the new year and the new you! Best of luck!

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