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Gift & Activity Ideas For Mother’s Day 2021

Gift & Activity Ideas For Mother’s Day 2021

Mother’s Day 2021 is this Sunday, May 9. Moms often give us the best gifts when they’re not ugly sweaters. After giving us life and what we need to achieve our goals, we should give back to Mom. So, here are some things you can go for Mom, from gifts to activity ideas.


Gift Ideas

Moms have to keep up with a lot. Get her a Tile, so she always knows where her phone, keys, wallet, and other essentials items are. Also, Apple just released their own version if you want to get her an Apple AirTag. By activating the Tile or AirTag, the user can log on to a computer/tablet and locating the lost item.

Get her a card that she and the Earth will both love. Green Field Paper sells Plantable Greeting Cards. When she’s ready to take her Mother’s Day card down, she can literally tear the card up and plant the seeds embedded in the card. Pretty wildflowers will soon follow!

Do you know what Mom needs? A sous vide cooker. Preparing an entire meal can be overwhelming for one person. Sous vide makes multi-tasking cooking drastically easier. How it works: you prep and put your protein/main part of dinner in an air-tight vacuum bag. The machine will heat and maintain water temperature. So, once your food is in the water, just start the timer, and voila! A perfectly cooked meal, without the stress.


Activity Ideas

Some moms aren’t crazy about gifts. Instead, they’d much rather spend time with their kids or just with themselves.

Your mom likely cooked for you when you were growing up. Instead of taking her to Olive Garden, cook her something you know she likes. On that note, treat your mom how she takes care of you. Spend the day cooking and cleaning for her and taking care of other chores for her. After all, it’s her day; she should get the day off from housework.

Green Field Paper Co. “Plantable Greeting Cards”

If y’all feel safe going out, then take her to a park or somewhere nice where you can sit outside and visit (if it’s not too hot). If available, take her to a city garden, such as botanical gardens. Or take her to the farmer’s market or a nursery. She will enjoy sharing her favorite activities with you.


Happy Mother’s Day 2021!

Don’t forget to let all the mothers in your life know that you appreciate them. Also, being a mother is a full-time job with no days off. Help a mother out today and every day. Thank you to all the good moms, you rock!


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