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Internet Privacy – There’s an App For That!

Internet Privacy – There’s an App For That!

Many of us limit our online activity due to internet privacy concerns. This is for a myriad of reasons. But, generally many of us want to protect our information. Thankfully, there are still sites and apps that ensure personal information stays within our control. The internet has arguably improved our lives, especially now, when we need to connect virtually. So, check out this list of apps that allow you to stay connected securely.

Social Sharing 

  • Viiddo is a useful app to ensure privacy for your family and most importantly, your kids. Viiddo was designed with family safety in mind, as stressed by the app’s creator. When you share photos of the kids, they’re sent directly to your chosen network of recipients. Messaging is also kept private as well. So, your conversation never leaves the chat. And, there is no need for a Facebook account to use Viiddo. Facebook is known for sharing your information with advertisers and more. For keeping close friends and family connected, download Viiddo today.

Mail and Messenger for Internet Privacy

  • Signal Private Messenger. For quick, easy, and secure chatting, you can trust Signal. It has everything from individual text chat submissions to group video calls. And, it protects yours and your peers’ contact information to boot! Android users can integrate it into their SMS app.
  • ProtonMail. The Swiss may have holes in their cheese, but not in their firewalls! The safest e-mail exchange service promises end-to-end encryption. This means absolutely no one but you and your recipient(s) can read the content.

Secure Browsers

  • Firefox Focus. This browser is specifically modeled as an app for smartphones and tablets. Now you can browse on the go while being protected from nearby hackers and online trackers. Thanks to its ability to keep invasive ads and cookies at bay, load times are impressively fast.
  • Brave. Powered by Mozilla, Brave has the ability to block personal information trackers. You also don’t have to worry about seeing excessive pop-ups. This is thanks to its advanced ad-blocking technology. Their goal is to restore Internet privacy. Brave is actively fighting against retargeting ads and such.

Be sure to educate yourself on Internet security to protect yourself and your loved ones. Once you do, you may find yourself seeking more privacy-friendly apps, websites, and browsers. The Internet is a great way to connect with others. Just know what you’re signing up for when downloading apps!

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