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Tips for Getting More Followers on Instagram

Tips for Getting More Followers on Instagram

With over 1 billion active accounts each month, Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms today. Having an Instagram account can be a great way to spread knowledge about your brand through shared media. So how do you gain more followers?

  • Attention-Grabbing Instagram Bio and Profile Image

The Instagram bio and profile image are like the front door to your account, so you want to make sure that both those features are attention-grabbing. Your profile image should reflect your brand in feel and colors and should be easy to identify you by. Your Instagram bio should reflect your brand identity and compel new accounts to follow you.

  • Trending Hashtags to Hone in on Your Audience

Tag your posts with hashtags that your intended audience is looking at. Research what is trending within the audience, and tag your posts with them. When your intended audience browses those hashtags, your post will appear and your account will be there for them to follow.

  • Tagged Location to Hone in on a Specific Geographical Audience

Tagging your location in your posts increases your visibility and gets you followers. You can tag the location of your brand, store, service, or where the picture you’re posting was taken to appeal to that geographical audience. Like hashtags, when people browse the location you tagged, your post will appear and your account will gain exposure to someone who may not have known about you.

  • Engage on Instagram

Ask questions, start conversations.

Ask your followers questions in your captions. Are you posting on a Friday? Ask what their weekend plans are! Or you can be more direct and ask them what their favorite aspect of your brand is. This can help you start genuine conversations with your Instagram followers, which can solidify them as followers of your brand.

Promote by saying “tag a friend”.

Asking your followers to “tag a friend” is a great way to create a promotion that is not direct advertising. People trust the opinions of others more than the claims a brand makes. Having someone they know tag them will help create positive sentiments towards your brand and increase your following.

Interact with other accounts.

Follow other accounts that are similar to your brand, but not a competitor. You can also follow accounts that would be interested in your brand based on the topics they post about. If your brand is compelling, they are likely to view your account and give you a follow. You can then strengthen these relationships by liking and commenting on their posts. Their followers will see your comments and if they are interested, give you a follow, too.

It may seem daunting, but Instagram can be a great way to create and grow your social media network. Above all, authenticity will allow you to gain true followers. Go get your followers!

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