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Part 1: Success is at Your Fingertips, Literally!

Part 1: Success is at Your Fingertips, Literally!

8 Motivational and Inspirational Apps

What are obstacles and roadblocks that get in the way of daily goals and success? Is it your mindset? Is it a mental block? Could it be distractions like a handheld device? Maybe the key to success is your cell phone. Check out these motivational and inspirational apps for Android and iOS.  They will kickstart your mental focus and motivation. And, above all, keep your first steps to success on track.


1. Overall Self-Help

ThinkUp: Positive Affirmations FREE

ThinkUp lets you choose from hundreds of daily affirmations categorized by life goals.  On the other hand, you can also set your own personalized affirmation. That affirmation can then be recorded in your own voice and set to a timer. The affirmations are played daily. The objective is to develop a positive mindset and ensure a continuous practice of self-care. ThinkUp is the most popular choice amongst self-help apps.


2. Meditation

Stop, Breathe & Think FREE

Stop, Breathe & Think is a user-friendly meditation app, geared to reduce stress and anxiety. Similarly, it also increases mindfulness and compassion. Adults, and children alike, can access short, guided meditations on the straightforward interface. Furthermore, meditation exercises can be selected based on a self-report of your current state of mind.


3. Meditation and Sounds

Insight Timer FREE

The Insight Timer app is a vast resource for accessing over 8000 meditations, along with 1,000+ audio tracks. There is certainly a wealth of free content available for streaming on Insight Timer. Not only do you have the option to connect with discussion groups but also meditation teachers by topic. However, the most popular feature is the option to customize background music, bell sounds, and timers.


4. Innovative App

Forest – Stay Focused $1.99

Forest is an app that helps you stay off their device. You “plant a tree” at the beginning of a task.  Meanwhile, the tree grows while you stay off the device. The longer the device remains untouched, the taller and lusher the tree becomes.  In addition, small bushes can be planted, bird nests appear, and other details unlock as commitments are met. If the screen is unlocked before the task is completed, consequently, the tree dies. This app is a great resource to curb cell phone addiction. In the same vein, another app, Flora – Focus Habit Tracker, is free to download for Android and iOS.


Come back next week and we will share four more apps to get you motivated and inspired.  Meanwhile, take the first steps on your way to success.


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