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The Importance of Good Press Release

The Importance of Good Press Release

 5 Reasons to Hire A Professional to Write Your Press Release

Good Public Relations starts with a press release. It’s how a message reaches the press, but it must grab their attention first. Journalists are busy people.  A PR professional will know the ins and outs of press release writing.  Therefore, they know how to create a release that appeals to the media. Here are 5 simple reasons to hire a Public Relations writer to fine-tune your message.



Let’s start with the most fundamental element of PR writing, language. Poor grammar,  misspelling, unfocused language, and pointless jargon could be damaging. Do it right! PR writers will ensure that your newsworthy announcement has been fine-tuned to eliminate these discrediting errors.



Professionals know how to present your message in a way that grabs the attention of journalists. To effectively reach media and the general public, a press release must be readable, engaging and effectively written for SEO. PR writers will include choice keywords for search engine optimization.  As a result, you’ll have a press release crafted to stand out in a vast world of information.


Online = Remarkable Vs. Unremarkable

Press releases have changed over the years.  Subsequently, they now include online marketing and social media, thus reaching a wider audience instantly. In the vast world of information, lives the Web. The objective of a press release is to boost visibility.  Admittedly, this can be challenging online. A professionally constructed release will catch the eye of readers, standing out within the fast-paced and instantaneous World Wide Web. Conversely, that message can be lost just as quickly as it was posted. 


“Target Practice”

A professional will do the “homework” and research required to get your message to the right people. Hours invested looking at statistical information, demographics, and industry research will pay off, consequently, the release will target the right audience. Writers will know which journalists or media outlets to contact in order to best meet the objective. An unfocused approach could be a pointless effort.



Finally, time is valuable. Having a PR writer pour over the details of a solid press release and will put time back on your side. Consider the details, research, and expertise needed to craft a professional and thoughtfully aimed press release. If any of these elements are missing, do you have time to head back to square one and get the desired results? Letting an expert handle the press release allows for time to be spent elsewhere.

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