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Social Media Tips for Your Business

Social Media Tips for Your Business

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the list goes on… We’re all used to using them multiple times a day, whether it’s for staying in touch with relatives on the other side of the country, keeping tabs on friends, or catching the latest on current events.  But for business, social media is a whole other ball game.  It’s essentially free advertising It’s incredibly easy to post and plug your product, but with every other company doing it too, it can be a little hard to compete. 

Below are some tips to stand out and stay fresh:

Goals & Plans

You wouldn’t start training for a marathon without goals or a training plan, right?  Your social media should be treated the same way.  Take a moment to asses what your current demographics are, see what platforms are most successful.  Decide what your goals are as a business, is it to increase sales or downloads?  Then perhaps getting more traffic to your website or the iTunes Store is how you’ll get there.  Like any goal, be specific in your wants and needs, it would help you develop your plan. And just like training for a marathon, write down your plan, create a calendar, and be committed. 

Keep it Simple, Keep it Consistent

Never underestimate the power of simplicity.  Consumers are absolutely bombarded with ads, commercials, cute kitten videos, and more in their social media feed.  Keeping your message simple, to the point, and consistent will give you something that stands out.  You can get creative with videos, blogs, pictures, etc. but make sure it is relevant to your business’s story and brand. 

Create Value

With so many businesses using social media, the last thing consumers need is one more business going “Look at me!  Buy my stuff!” Ok, they might not literally be doing that, but it can certainly seem like that. Being genuine and speaking directly to your customers about the things they value will give them a stronger connection to your brand.  Don’t forget, social media is about connecting and networking, so establishing a relationship with substance is key.  Your promotional posts should typically be 25% or less of social media presence. The rest of the time you should be creating conversations, educating, getting your followers involved, etc. 

You may or may not already be doing these things with your social media already, but if not, we hope these are helpful in getting back to the basics.  If you need help with your social media, we are also here to help.  

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