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Puppies in Marketing

Puppies in Marketing

In the spirit of National Pet Month, we thought we would talk about one of our favorite furry friends on our blog this week:  Puppies!!

 We’ve all found ourselves scrolling through our Instagram or Facebook feed and then find ourselves suddenly mesmerized by a cute puppy picture or video.  Don’t deny it. So what makes us stop everything we are doing to swoon over little bundles of fluffy joy?


Cute Overload on the Brain

It may seem obvious why we gravitate towards images of puppies and kittens, but there is a little more science behind it than you may realize.  Images of puppies, kittens, and even chubby little babies release oxytocin into the body.  A chemical that causes you to relax and lowers your blood pressure and increases awareness and concentration.  You can read more here.  So unless you have a heart made of a giant ice cube, those little miniature creatures will continue to put a smile on your face. 


Puppy Popularity

So why use puppies or dogs in your marketing?  Well, did you know that dogs were the number one googled animal in the United States in 2018?  They are pretty popular, even more so than kittens!  Dogs represent loyalty and companionship. Overall, they are generally associated with positive attributes.  Using Man’s Best Friend in conjunction with your product will, hopefully, make it synonymous with these traits. 


Full Circle in a Commercial

Remember how we mentioned that images of puppies help reduce stress and increase concentration?  Putting a puppy in your ads or commercial may potentially increase your brand awareness and in turn, help customers remember your product or service.  Ultimately, increasing your sales.  For example, check out Claritin’s most recent TV commercial. Cute, right?  And more importantly, memorable.


Claritin Puppy Commercial

So next time you’re looking to grab some attention in your advertising, put a puppy up to the task.  Also, in honor of National Pet Month, feel free to donate to a local shelter for those pets that are less fortunate.  We’ll be donating to Austin Pet’s Alive.  


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