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Samsung S21- Features and Reviews

Samsung released their newest version of the S series smartphone in January. The S21 is unique because it features aspects that were normally found in its cousins. Here are some features of the S21 and reviews from users.

Samsung S21 Features

One of the best new additions to the “S” series is the S pen. Now, the S21 Ultra can hold its own stylus pen, so you don’t have to worry about losing yours. Another important feature is it is built for 5G speed. Also, after years of iPhone users shunning Android’s camera quality, Samsung strikes back. The camera features 3 – 6 lenses. Now, you can take crystal-clear night photos. No need to get in the light! The camera can shoot an 8K video as well. If you’re a little shaky holding a camera (I am), no worries. Super Steady will fix background shakiness. After you take your pictures and videos, use Single Take to prep them for Instagram.

Consumers praise Androids for being (almost) as tough as Nokias. Now, it looks like the smartphone may be as tough as the ol’ Nokia. Samsung is using Gorilla Glass for their screens. Thus, this will not only prevent damage but also helps waterproof the phone.  The Samsung S21 standard size is 6.2″, while the Ultra is 6.8″. “Ultra” is more than just a big sibling: its features are more upscale than its little siblings. For example, the front camera on the standard S21 is 10 MP, while the Ultra is 40 MP.

S21 Reviews

The smartphone has a 4.5 rating on Google out of 6,000 reviews. While consumers overall are happy with the S21, there are concerns that it may be copying Apple’s undesirable actions. Meaning, people are switching to Samsung for the headphone jack and the charger in the box, but now that’s gone. People appreciate the improved design for quick access. The battery is reliable, and the 5G does not seem to affect battery life. There is no SD card slot. It has a pleasant feel, as it feels more smooth like plastic. Overall, customers do not regret purchasing the S21. But they recommend not upgrading unless necessary.


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