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Tips For Getting More Followers On Twitter

Tips For Getting More Followers On Twitter

Twitter, the popular social media platform where you can share short posts, or “tweets”, is typically a relaxed social media space. You can follow celebs, friends, trending posts, and more. Even politicians are famously and infamously known for their presence on the platform. It’s also ideal for interaction and engagement, thanks to well-organized conversation threads. Tweets are limited to 140 characters or less, so what you say, you must say it well. If you want to reach more followers for your business, start with gaining more Twitter followers and learning how to use the 140 characters to their maximum potential!


The hashtags (#) will help you find the audience to follow and retweet content. Use them wisely in your tweets to help people find you. The best way to get noticed is to reach out to your followers first. Search relevant tweets and pages for your profession, then like some tweets, and follow others for a follow back. Replies to tweets will also help you gain more profile viewers as well. Respond to replies and messages in a timely manner. What you “like” will appear on your follower’s timeline, use it to your advantage! The more you make yourself known, the more traffic will come to your page. It also helps to be active when everyone else is online as well.

Good Twitter Content

Your social media presence speaks for itself. A good, clean, professional profile can go a long way. Like/retweet material from reputable sources that reflect your views. When it comes to tweeting, tweet about relevant happenings, but be careful- as with any social media profile, getting political can either make or break your popularity. Typically, it’s a bad idea for businesses to express political affiliations however, times are shifting. Forbes reported that “Millennials and Gen-Zers typically prefer to do business with companies that take social and political stands they believe in, but it’s important to proceed with care.” Remember to break things up and share some light humor, good news, and what’s going on with your business. Mix in some media, such as GIFs, pictures, and short videos.

As serious as running a business can be, it’s okay to have a little fun on Twitter! It’s meant to help you build a social and business network. Decorate your profile with a creative header and have a nice photo of yourself to make the “follow” button look more inviting. A good mix of fun vs. serious business-related is important too, but make sure your profile is consistent. Go show Twitter what you and your business are all about!

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