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Transitioning from Social Distancing to Social Gatherings

Transitioning from Social Distancing to Social Gatherings

In March, the COVID-19 Shelter-in-Place orders went into place and social distancing was practiced widely, unless essentials were needed. Most adhered to CDC announcements and quarantined themselves. A month later, rumors are buzzing of America opening back up at the end of April. Americans are getting antsy about going out again. While it is tempting to want to see all of your friends and hairdresser, it could cause a second wave of the virus if we socialize recklessly. The future of our country depends on safely coming out of quarantine. This means…

Social Distancing

Transition with Caution

Still, try to stay at home as much as you can. There are people still infected, some who may have recently caught COVID-19 and are unaware. Celebrating re-opening is to be expected, but it is important to know that COVID-19 will phase out slowly. It may take another month or more, to eradicate the virus. That means that going out still poses a health risk, especially in large gatherings. 

Keep clean! Continue with the process of sanitizing everything, most importantly before touching with bare skin. Additionally, wash your hands frequently to avoid leaving a trail of germs. Some items in a store may have been touched by someone who was unknowingly infected. Assume that whatever you need to pick up or use has been contaminated, because it’s better to be safe. This includes washing your food before consuming. Also, keep that hand sanitizer readily available!

If you do go out, be aware of your actions. Try not to come into contact with too many objects/surfaces. This applies to humans as well. Refrain from hand shaking and hugs especially with strangers. Again, wash your hands as often as every 20 minutes. Wear a mask, especially if you or others are coughing.

Social Distancing

Social Distancing From Those Most Vulnerable

Avoid visiting those who are vulnerable until the CDC confirms that it’s safe. Since COVID-19 is asymptomatic, it’s easy to feel like you’re healthy enough to go visit grandparents. However, the minute you go out, you are an older individual’s life. It’s not worth it.

In May, we will still see many social practices of March and April, such as a high demand for delivery and curbside service. Maintaining a 6 foot distance away is still advised. For more information on how to help eradicate this virus once and for all, visit CDC and reliable sources.

Remember, “Patience is a virtue.” We will know that our patience in quarantining ourselves paid off when we finally sit down in our favorite coffee shop in our newly re-opened and safe community. By taking precaution and being aware of what we touch, we can stop the delay of continuing our normal lives.

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