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Update: Coronavirus & Trends in Digital Traffic

Update: Coronavirus & Trends in Digital Traffic

For the past two months, digital traffic has increased due to Coronavirus/COVID-19. After about a week into shelter-in-place, servers saw a jump in internet usage as people searched for online purchases and boredom remedies. In March we first reported on Coronavirus & Trends in Digital Traffic.  Now, we bring you an update.

Internet Contenders, Braced for Impact

Forbes reported a 70% increase in internet traffic around March 25th. They also noted that streaming services had been up 12%. COVID-19 has set the pattern for Internet usage in March and April, and we can look to see how these patterns will maintain as we transition out of COVID-19.

Digital Traffic

Comcast keeps track of internet activity and saw a surge in data in late March. Subsequently, due to an increase of people working from home. Online classes for students also lead to this surge. More e-mails are being sent and more files are being uploaded/downloaded. Digital traffic is at its heaviest from 9 AM- 7 PM for all time zones. Now, as of April 29 some cities’ data lines are starting to even out.

Additionally, video game companies have been on the upswing. Comcast reported a 35% increase in video game downloads. Popular video game franchises leveraged this opportunity to release new games. This is one of the most popular internet activities in the USA, especially during the evenings.

Patterns in Digital Traffic Shift Too

Digital Traffic

Not only has the quantity of internet usage changed, but so has the pattern. Researchers have found this to be the result of most operations closing. Internet data is now being concentrated in residential areas. Data Center Knowledge says, 

“Cloudflare’s data team has found that traffic was about 10% down in office areas, 20% up in residential areas, and 5% down on campuses.”

Furthermore, mentioned in our blog concerning the rise of digital traffic, restaurateurs have updated their websites to make online ordering and delivery easier. Apps have also seen a surge in downloads, especially social media apps. Therefore, an upside to the pandemic is these businesses have fast-tracked their digital transformation, according to Forbes.

It is predicted that online activity has peaked and will level out as warmer months approach. More people will be going outside to curb cabin fever. When businesses re-open, internet access will be more spread out and eventually return to pre-virus usage. Once again, businesses will need to adapt their advertising campaigns and marketing. continues to assist clients in navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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