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Volunteering this Holiday Season

Volunteering this Holiday Season

The holidays are rapidly approaching.  We thought we would put together some great opportunities for volunteering this holiday season when you’re not frantically shopping, cooking, or visiting with family. After all, it is the season of giving!  Last year, we shared some great apps for charitable causes to download  This year, we thought we’d share a couple of volunteer opportunities early.



A few of us in the office may or may not have way too many clothes on hand.  While spring cleaning is typically reserved for, well, spring.  We’re getting a jumpstart by clearing out our closets before the holidays and running a truckload over to Goodwill. Over a century ago, Goodwill was established as a nonprofit to provide opportunities to those in need of education, job search training, and to supply other community-based programs in order to help those looking to advance their careers.  


Toys for Tots

Nothing beats the enthusiasm of a child’s face on Christmas morning. Some children are less fortunate than others, so if you’re down to make a little one smile, head on over to Toys for Tots to see the different ways you can contribute from donating a toy, to crowdfunding or even hosting your own toy drive.


Feeding America

While most of us pack on the pounds during the holidays, there are some that are not as fortunate.  In fact, there are some folks that struggle to get food on the table year-round.  Whether you donate, volunteer, or start your own campaign, Feeding America is a great organization to support.  You’ll be able to eat easy knowing you can help feed children, families, seniors, and the homeless. 


Humane Society

If you have a soft spot for furry or feathered friends and everything in between, donating to Humane Society is a great choice. There are plenty of opportunities to help besides the traditional ways of contributing by sending money such as volunteering or becoming an ambassador.  


Cash or Facebook

Perhaps the previous organizations didn’t really resonate with you, or maybe you just don’t have time to volunteer this holiday season. In that case… pick one that does, then write a check, send money online, or utilize Facebook to crowdfund a donation to your nonprofit of choice. 


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