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Watch Party Services for Virtual Fun Night

Watch Party Services for Virtual Fun Night

With social distancing, in-person watch party experiences have come to a pause. Many have turned to virtual watch party services to watch shows and movies with others. How do these watch party services stack up? Check out this analysis between two watch party services: Amazon and Netflix.

Amazon: Prime Video Watch Party

Amazon Prime members have access to Prime Video, which holds a variety of shows and movies. Through the Prime Video Watch Party, up to 100 participants can watch synchronized video content together.

Amazon Prime members based in the US can set up or join a Watch Party to watch Prime titles included with their membership. Watch Party is currently unavailable for purchased content, Prime Video Channels, IMDb TV and live events. Watch Party is only available via desktop but is not supported by Safari or Internet explorer.

The functionality is simple. The host can start a party by clicking the Watch Party button on a Prime title. Then, they enter the name they’d like to have in the chat and creates the Watch Party. After, they copies the Party link and sends it to the participants. Once everyone joins, the host controls the video, and participants can chat in the window.


Netflix: Teleparty

Teleparty, formerly Netflix party, is a plugin that can be installed on the Google Chrome browser. Since becoming Teleparty, it has grown to support not only Netflix but also HBO, Hulu and Disney+. We will talk about it on the premises of Netflix. Much like Prime Video Watch Party, you can use Teleparty to synchronize playback content on Netflix with a group of up to 50 friends.

Teleparty can be used in any region of the world that supports Netflix. However, different countries have different offerings. Users must ensure that the show or movie they want to watch is available in everyone’s region. To use Teleparty for Netflix, all users must have a Netflix login.

The functionality is simple to Watch Party’s, with the exception that it requires a Chrome plugin. All participants must download the free plugin to join. Creating a party is simple. After you install the plugin, you’ll need to pin it to the Chrome Toolbar. Then, you can open any video (in the supported platforms) and click the plugin to create a party. It will generate a link to send participants, which will send them to the video. Participants will click the plugin to join the party.


The Verdict

Both services are very similar. In both, parties are created by hosts who then invite participants through links. In the party, both can chat and watch content synchronously. The biggest differences come down to the membership, content, and number of participants. Teleparty also requires the plugin. Although easy and to install, it is an extra step.

Hopefully, this provided some information on these services. If you are a new user, you can invite friends to test it out. Have a fun movie night!


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