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Thanksgiving Apps and Ideas- Cooking and more

Thanksgiving Apps and Ideas- Cooking and more

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Hopefully, you can still take some time to relax, eat good food, and meet with family whether virtually or at a distance. We’ve gathered some Thanksgiving apps and ideas to help make this year’s feast just as memorable. Check them out!


  • Food Network Kitchen: Need some meal inspiration for your Thanksgiving Feast? Look no further than the Food Network Kitchen App. Premium features require a subscription, but the app is available to download for free on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon FireTV and Fire Tablet.
  • MultiTimer: While you’re cooking up a storm, there are likely a lot of foods and timers to keep track of. You can do that all in one place by downloading the MultiTimer app on the Apple App Store. Customize multiple timers with names, colors and time units so ensure a perfectly cooked meal.
  • Houseparty: If you’ll be away from family or friends, you can connect and play games with them via Houseparty. You can download it on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Google Chrome browser.
  • Sleepiest: After stuffing yourself with your meal and enjoying some football, you’ll want to treat yourself to some restful sleep. Sleepiest has sounds, stories and meditations that are designed to help you fall fast asleep. It can be downloaded on the Apple App Store.
  • Black Friday 2020 Ads & Deals: Once the Thursday festivities have ended, you’ll likely want to shop some deals! Download Black Friday 2020 Ads & Deals to find out where you’ll get your gifts. If Cyber Monday is more your speed, then check out their sister app, Cyber Monday 2020 Ads and Deals. Both apps are available on the Apple App Store.



  • Movies: If you aren’t all “movied-out” from your streaming platforms this year, you can enjoy holiday films. While we were unaware that there was a Thanksgiving Movie genre, Good Housekeeping has put together a list.
  • Family/Friends Zoom Call: If you’ll be spending the holiday away from loved ones and don’t want to download an app, a FaceTime or Zoom call does the trick. Just catch up with loved ones or invite them to a game! Check out our Fun Virtual Games to Play on Game Night blog post!
  • Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade: Fill yourself with nostalgia and enjoy the Macy’s parade! It has been altered this year to meet with health guidelines but there will still be performers, floats and balloons. You can watch on NBC from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. in all time zones on Thursday, November 26.


Thanksgiving marks the season of giving and being thankful. While some traditions will remain, others will take a pause this year. Regardless, we hope this has helped spark some ideas on how to embrace the Thanksgiving apps and festivities. Enjoy!


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