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What are Instagram Reels & TV?

What are Instagram Reels & TV?

When Snapchat first came out with stories back in 2013, other social media platforms were quick to copy the feature. Being able to share a moment in your life with all your followers but only for 24 hours arguably made social media even more addicting. Now, influencers and marketers both use Instagram reels & TV for business promotion.

IG Reels & TV

Instagram Reels is like an Instagram Vine. They are 15-second videos to which you can add sound and other cool effects to it. Such as, a fun screen/face filter and high/slow motion. You can add Reels to your feed where it’ll be there to stay, or you can add to your story. If your page is a public account, then you can share to “Explore”, allowing others to find you.

Instagram TV (IGTV) are videos up to an hour long. Since the file is too big to post on Feed, Instagram has a page just for IGTV. You can create your own TV content, or upload from the web. However, you can only upload 15 minutes of video onto IGTV from a mobile device.


How to Use Them

You can use IG Reels as a preview of your IGTV content. Add a Reel of hints of upcoming releases, air time schedules, or to announce when you are going live. Add Reels of tidbits of your daily routine to allow your followers to see professional you and “off duty” you. Using Stories is the best way to interact with your followers every day without spamming their feed. You can upload Reels of positive reviews from happy clients!

Thankfully, IGTV Series will fix the problem of only being able to upload 15 minute videos from a mobile device. Just upload every 15 minutes segment of the video, and you’ll still be able to stream it as one. Like with regular TV series, try to organize your videos by episodes. We recommend your first video be an autobiography about yourself and your business. This acts as a pilot episode. Then, you can promote your products and services. Use either IGTV or Reels to allow your viewers to see your business in action.



Instagram is the social media platform to be discovered on. That’s why you never hear about “Facebook influencers” or “Twitter influencers”. People flock to IG for both entertainment and to discover products/services. Instagram Reels & TV is really efficient for putting yourself out there and showcasing what you have to offer.


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