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Zoom is the No. 1 Virtual Conference Platform

Zoom is the No. 1 Virtual Conference Platform

After 10 months of working from home, it’s pretty clear that Zoom is the number one virtual conference platform. Throughout 2020, Zoom put forth their efforts into perfecting the quality of their services. Now, Zoom has their own blog page that 350 million users can read.

Between FaceTime, Google Duo, Facebook Messenger, and Skype, there were already options available for group video calls. However, all of these apps were only for certain devices, or the call quality just wasn’t top-notch. Zoom first launched in 2013 and saw a small amount of success. It had a steady growth until March 2020, when 100 million users signed up in that month. Since then, it maintains its popularity. So how did it become the dominant video call platform?


 Zoom’s Quality Virtual Conference

The #1 reason for Zoom’s success is that it’s super easy for anyone to sign up and join a meeting. You don’t have to make a profile or add people as friends. Instead, having a link for the meeting code makes it easier than adding everyone to the call one by one. Another top reason is that the video quality is the best out there. Zoom recognized how important it was to make their platform so well-done it was almost like talking in person. The audio is clear: even those with mild hearing losses can understand what is going on. With a good Internet connection, video is clear as well. Calls rarely drop, which helped Zoom climb above Skype and Messenger. And, you can even add cool backgrounds to hide a messy house.

Other cool features that Zoom has that makes it so popular is the ability to send each other text chats, screen share, and the screen set up. Being able to see everyone’s screens and know who is talking ensures better conversation flow. You can put hand emoticons on your screen, indicating that you agree or that you’d like to speak. If anything, this is almost better than in-person conferences as everyone gets a chance to speak and everyone else can add comments in the chat. This reduces interruption.


Between easy meeting set-up and top-quality audio and video, Zoom is the best choice for virtual conference. Schools quickly tied Zoom into their virtual class sessions, allowing the school boards to monitor Zoom meetings. But Zoom can also be used for more than just school or office use. Zoom allowed virtual hanging out, church service, and online concerts to become more easily accessible. Even grandparents can figure out how to use Zoom! Thank you Zoom for helping people connect under virtual circumstances.


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