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WWW: Winter Weather Watch on the World Wide Web

WWW: Winter Weather Watch on the World Wide Web

It seems as though the United States has been swept with a surprising amount of cold weather and winter storms. And when you aren’t sipping on some hot cocoa, the ongoing winter may be a bit alarming and definitely freezing. However, there are some apps out there which can help you beat the cold and enjoy the snow.

NOAA Radar

Supported by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the NOAA Radar Pro app brings a weather station right to your device. The app has a beautiful interface, one that is easy to navigate, modern, and only displays the essentials. Interactive maps and animated radar images allow users to track the weather in real time. Users can also find detailed weather reports, which include barometric pressure, humidity, wind speed, and more. National weather service watches and warnings are also displayed on the map, with push notifications to alert users of any threatening weather systems. Users can customize for a specific location, so no matter if you are in the United States or traveling to abroad, you will have weather coverage.

There is a free version for iOS which does not include push alerts, and there is also a Pro version which can be purchased from the iTunes app store. The app is available for free on the Google Play Store as well.


On the other hand, Weathermob is a crowdsourced weather app. The app allows users to upload weather descriptions and photographs in order to share and discuss weather conditions with people from around the globe, in real time. Users can report their weather experiences and see how the weather is really faring, both locally and around the world. Additionally, the app makes use of smartphone sensors which provide real-time information scientific specifics such as barometric pressure. Best of all, the app is elegant and minimalistic, making it easy to use. Weathermob welcomes us to the social media of weather reporting.

The app is available on iOS, with the sister app, Sunnycomb, on Android.

Winter Survival Kit

As most Texans know, winter is not a season we are accustomed to. So what better way to tackle the winter than with a survival kit? This app is especially useful for anyone who finds themselves driving in winter conditions. In the emergency that you find yourself stranded, the Winter Survival Kit app will locate your current position, notify friends and family, and can calculate how long you can safely run your engine to keep warm. The app allows users to store important phone numbers, as well as policy numbers for insurance and roadside assistance. Additionally, the app has information on how to assemble a physical survival kit, how to prepare your vehicle for winter, and safety tips.

The app is available for free for both iOS and Android.

Weather Route

For those of you making a journey of any kind, especially when traveling on holidayWeather Route is a must have app. The app lets you specify your starting, ending, and midpoints of the trip, along with departure times.  From there, the app will tell you what kind of weather to expect on the way. Users can view the weather forecast along the entirety of their trip, or individual legs, and the app’s Departure Assistant can recommend the best time to start your trip.The app will even inform users whether excursions such as trucking, RV trips, and road biking are safe. Alerts also immediately notify users of any severe weather along the route. Weather Route brings all the weather information for a road trip to your fingertips.

The app is available for both iOS and Android.

Federal Way Public Schools

When winter weather hits, schools often have starting delays or even canceled school days. The Federal Way Public Schools app is a powerful tool for parents to stay connected and informed about schools. The app allows parents to easily access news and emergency notifications, with a push notification option for instant updates and news.

The app is available for both iOS and Android.

No matter what the winter weather brings, these five apps can help you survive and thrive. 



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