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Women in the Entrepreneurial World

Women in the Entrepreneurial World

Women have come a long way from the days of oppression. Now, women are pretty much free to do what they want, from choosing their own husband and career. When men and women put aside their gender differences, great things can happen in the office. It is true that women talk more than men do- and that’s good for business. Here are ways that women contribute to our entrepreneurial world.


Women Entrepreneurs

For centuries, women could either be a nurse/midwife, teacher, or stay-at-home housewife. Starting in the 20th century, women began to push for their place in society alongside men rather than beneath them. Female factory workers of World War 2 proved that women can work just as hard as men. By the time the 1970s came around, it had become increasingly common to find women in the office. Now, both sexes strive for higher education and co-exist in business. The female brain is good for multi-tasking, staying on schedule, organization, etc. This helps with productivity in the office. Companies are now more inclusive and get creative ideas from their female staff. As women can be more empathetic, this is a huge plus for securing deals and partnerships since women develop connections.

Today, young girls have inspirational role models to look up to. Florence Nightingale, Kamala Harris, and Sally Ride are just a few examples. Several names in history don’t get enough recognition due to their gender. Heddy Lamar is one. People remember her as a pretty face from the 1940s. However, she pioneered Bluetooth technology. Margaret Hamilton is another name that needs to be brought up more often: she created the code that landed humans on the moon. Her code also helped advance computer software. There are so many more, and we appreciate their contributions and discoveries. We strive for a strong female role model in every field!


Allowing women in the workforce is a huge bonus for society. It creates more jobs, ideas, fields, and most importantly, opportunities for everyone. Therefore, it is time to close the pay gap. We are so close to finally achieving equality. Once the professional world allows black women and other women of color to climb the entrepreneurial ladder, we will be a progressive society. Girl power!


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