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The future of technology is simply breathtaking. Sometimes you cannot fully realize this until you attend a large even like the SXSW Interactive Exhibitors Trade Show.  These trade shows offer a small glimpse into the future of technology and the rapidly changing world around us. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from the SXSW Trade Show, and our time as an exhibitor.


What’s Hot In Technology?

The trade show was, without a doubt, a sight to see.  Each year, there is a new and trendy technological concept which companies capitalize. Previously, mobile apps and gaming were all the rage. However, this year, virtual reality and augmented reality took the spotlight. Companies found ways to incorporate virtual reality into almost everything. One such exhibition was by a company which took virtual reality to a new level. The company featured an innovative device: a VR booth that activates all five senses. As you sit in the booth, you are presented with options of “scenes” to be engaged in, from the beach to an African safari to a meditative rainforest. The booth then simulates those conditions, bring warmth, the smell of a fresh sea breeze, etc. All the while, you are plugged into a VR headset and have the opportunity to not only visualize the location but feel the entire reality of being there.

Some of the inventions we saw were comedic as well, such as a dancing robot. Others included some of the best video and audio equipment in the world. For four days, the 2017 trade show was home to some of the smartest and most creative individuals on the planet.  We were fortunate to meet some very ambitious and successful app developers, publishers, and entrepreneurs. at SXSW had a booth which featured one of our clients, Love for Sports. The app is the first dating app for sports fans. This was a great opportunity for Love for Sports to gain a presence with hundreds of individuals. Branded footballs were handed out and mobile devices were set in place to allow visitors to play with the apps our clients have created. Many attendees were impressed by Love for Sports and seemed eager to download it themselves.  Along with featuring Love for Sports at our booth, the app was also featured on Austin 365’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

All in all, SXSW was a huge success! Innovators and investors from across the globe came through Austin to see what the best and brightest have to offer. was proud to exhibit for the first time ever at the Trade Show, and we look forward to being able to do so again.


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