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Boosting Social Media Ads – What are the Benefits?

Boosting Social Media Ads – What are the Benefits?

Today, amidst the national COVID-19 shelter-in-place activation, mass amounts of people are staying at home and browsing social media. The urgency of social distancing has created cabin fever among those taking shelter. Thankfully, our mobile devices and apps can help curb this feeling. Social media allows us to have virtual connections with friends and family. With more activity on social media sites, your social media ads are likely to gain more impressions. If you are starting a business but unsure where to start, launching a campaign on one or various social media platforms is a good place to start. This way, anyone interested can easily access your social media page, and then your website.

Social Media Ads

The Works Behind Social Media Ads

So, how exactly do social media ads work? Either organically, meaning that the ad spreads through people engaging with it, such as liking, commenting, or sharing. Or, it spreads through you boosting it. This method involves you, the business owner paying a fee to increase ad views. Paying a fee to increase ad appearances yields positive ROI. Micro-targeting allows the ad to reach a specific audience that would be most interested in your product or service. If you are trying to reach a broader audience, social media is good for that as well. There are a spectrum of personalities and communities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. These ads can be easily tracked by how many impressions the ad has generated. You can be reassured about your progress with instant feedback from Google Analytics.


Fees and Pricing Packages

Finally, fees vary for making your ad gain more attention. They can range from the ad poster having to shell out a few cents for every view to a million-dollar ad campaign. For small businesses trying to make their brand name more popular, paying a small fee for an ad launch can go a long way. This way, you get more bang for your buck. If your ad is mobile-device friendly, it will help with circulation. Most of the time, social media ad boosts are affordable. Eventually, after investing the initial money to pay for the ad, the company name becomes more well known and gains business.

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