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Most Popular Apps in 2020

Most Popular Apps in 2020

As the days grow longer due to not leaving the house and you’re running out of things to do, you may find yourself downloading new apps. Check out our list of the most popular apps in 2020. They range from games, to streaming apps, TV shows, and even coloring “books”. While social media reigns at the top of most downloaded apps, streaming sites and video conference apps are rising. For more ideas on how to curb boredom, check out this list popular apps and get connected (virtually!) Soon, you’ll wonder why you will ever need to leave the house at all. 

  • Tik-Tok This social media app sits comfortably at #1 for the most downloaded app of 2020 worldwide, on Apple App Store and on Android’s Google Play. With 45.4 million users, the offspring of Vine is what’s entertaining young adults by allowing them to watch short videos or create one of their own.Popular Apps: Tik Tok


  • LinkedIn, and its sub-apps, such as LinkedIn Learning. This is a great time to get your resume touched up, and LinkedIn Learning can help with that. Using this shelter-in-place time to talk to others about business can help you bring ideas to the table for your company, making you an essential!  


  • Creative Challenges. An app designed to curb your boredom! This app is perfect for people who love to craft. Also, for those who aren’t working, this can be great for mental health as it is good brain stimulation.  


  • Showtime: Staying at home for two weeks or more allows time to check out that show your friend was telling you about. Explore their documentary section to learn more. Showtime also features sports games. 


  • Now that boredom selfies are starting to increase, app stores have started featuring camera apps and photo editing apps. Make your own 1980’s glam shot with Halide Camera, the most popular camera feature app on Apple’s App Store. 


  • Desktop Sketchbook is helpful for artists that maybe have run out of some art supplies and cannot get more. Art can be explored electronically with a variety of mediums, from sketching to painting. 


Other Popular Apps


  • YouTube has been dominating the Internet world for a decade now, and its popularity is only gaining. YouTube can answer any wonders you might have. With millions of videos, you’ll never get bored of YouTube. 


  • WhatsApp: This is #2 as the most widely downloaded app, on Apple and Android. This is a communication app that allows you to message anyone else with a WhatsApp account. It is beneficial because it allows you to communicate world-wide with no extra fees. 

Best Apps of 2020


  • Netflix
    : Undoubtedly the most widely-used TV/ movie streaming service. You can project Netflix from your tablet/ smartphone to your TV. Netflix has a variety of TV shows, movies, and documentaries, including most-talked about ones such as
    Tiger King and Ozark. 
  • Zoom: The easiest way to chat with your pal or the whole posse! Zoom offers a solution to those who cannot FaceTime each other due to different smartphones and tablets. 


  • Planner apps are becoming increasingly popular. Employed or not, download  Evernote, the most-loved planner. Keeping up with a planner can help with structure and productivity.


Social Media Apps


  • A popular app list isn’t complete without featuring social media apps that are highly relevant in 2020! With more than 2 billion users monthly, is still the most popular social media platform app. 


  • Its cousin, Instagram, sees more than 1 billion users worldwide. Instagram is popular for users to admire photos and follow other users that fit their aesthetic. 


  • WeChat: Like Zoom, this app allows for conversation with one or more people, but also includes online shopping and being able to arrange a ride.


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