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Current Marketing Trends: End of 2020

The digital world is ever-changing. With new technology, social platforms and data collection methods, it looks a little different every day. The same goes for online and social media marketing trends. To keep track, here are some of the biggest current trends.


Current Marketing Trends

  • Video marketing
    Research shows that video is becoming increasingly important in reaching audiences. It’s projected to continue to become more popular. It is how most consumers learn about new products. Video helps consumers feel confident about their purchases. While having YouTube is helpful, there are many other places to use video. It helps your SEO when it is on your website, gets more interactions on social media, and can be used in email marketing. With the ability to have Facebook and Instagram Live, the possibilities are endless.


  • Influencer marketing
    Influencer marketing is big right now. Finding an influencer who has a similar target audience as your brand can be a helpful tool in reaching audiences. This works best when your brand fits the influencer’s brand. It is easy for audiences to see through this type of marketing when the brands don’t fit. Having synergy is important in making influencer marketing effective. Always be sure to follow advertising law and that influencers tag the ads as such.


  • Interactive
    Creating interactive content is a way to create relationships with audiences. There are a few trends that help carry this. Social media stories are a way to be interactive. This is especially true if you can tailor the content to fit polls, trivia, or comment submission. Getting audiences involved makes social media marketing more exciting. Alongside this, there are giveaways. Giveaways are a good way to gain likes, follows, and attention to your brand. Asking followers to tag friends as a part of the entry expands your reach on social media and gets followers excited.

  • User-generated content (UGC)
    UGC is an easy way to get new content pushed out and create relationships with your audiences. UGC can take many forms. If users post a photo, tag your brand, and it fits the aesthetic, you can repost it! There’s an easy post that shows care for followers. As The Digital says, comments and product reviews are also UGC and will help your SEO. They also solidify purchase decisions for potential buyers.


  • Augmented Reality (AR)
    AR has been slow to take off but is an emerging trend. The pandemic has changed the way users shop and AR has become a way to see purchases digitally. With brands such as L’Oreal moving towards that, it is a trend that is bound to grow. Potential buyers can see products and visualize them before making a purchase. This will be something to continue observing.


Stay Updated

Like all marketing trends, we will have to keep an eye out to see how these evolve. If you just want a way to keep up with these, keep checking back to our blog! Need help tapping into these? can help! We are experts after all.


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Delmar Reimnitz on December 8, 2020 AT 01 am

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turkce on December 10, 2020 AT 05 am

Good article. I will be dealing with many of these issues as well.. Minda Munroe Liatris

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