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Reliable News Sources: Featuring Global News App (GNA)

Reliable News Sources: Featuring Global News App (GNA)

We are in a time where “fake news” has become a popular phrase. There is a lot of conflicting information out there. It can be difficult to find reliable news sources that are unbiased. We’ve compiled a list of a few news sources that most often report on true facts. Content writers can source these and business owners can rely on them.

US News

  • The Associated Press
    The Associated Press (AP) is a newswire rather than a publication that you can subscribe to. It is where many journalists pull their story ideas from. You’ll often see other publications publish an AP story. According to The Factual’s credibility rating algorithm, it is one of the most centrist wires with factual information.
  • The New York Times
    The New York Times (NYT) is one of the biggest news outlets in the US. It leans slightly left in its editorials, but it has a large influence and is read globally. NYT stays true to ethical standards and follows journalism practices. The publication has received 127 Pulitzer Prizes, which honor excellence in journalism and the arts.
  • The Wall Street Journal
    The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) began as a business newspaper. It switched over to writing about general news in 2007. It leans slightly towards the right, especially in its editorials. Yet, it continues to be a strong source of clear and credible reporting. WSJ has also picked up their share of Pulitzer Prizes.
  • BBC
    BBC is one of the top news outlets globally. If you want to know what’s happening in the world, the BBC is probably already talking about it. BBC is seen as centrist according to All Sides. It can be a good unbiased source on what is going on in the US, especially if it regards US foreign policy.


Visit Ad Fontes Media’s Interactive Media Bias Chart to see where major US sources lie. The comprehensive chart measures both bias and reliability.

Austin News

Austin-American Statesman
Since 1871, the Austin-American Statesman has been the major daily newspaper for Austin. According to Media Bias Fact Check and All Sides, the Statesman leans slightly left. Yet it rates high on factual reporting due to their strong record of fact-checking and proper sourcing.


Global News Application

Speaking of reliable and unbiased news sources, we have to shoutout Global News Application (GNA). GNA works similarly to a social media platform. There is one key difference, however. It facilitates current events information and discussion through a multi-tier community ranking system. The rating system promotes accounts that share posts with facts or informed opinion. Top tier accounts are manually approved by GNA. This further verifies the accounts’ reliability.

The approved accounts are the primary information-sharing channels. This ensures that reliable information is being read by users. GNA also integrates a regional news aggregator to compile news from local outlets around the world. Users can read news from local sources before major news outlets add viewpoints. GNA is now available to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


It can be hard to know what news to trust. It’s important to have a healthy serving in variety while getting facts. You’re now ready to go get your reliable news intake! Don’t forget to check out GNA!


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