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Farewell iTunes, Kind of

Farewell iTunes, Kind of

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference began yesterday.  Based on the glimpse into what Apple has in store this year, it’s bound to be an interesting week.  The news that caught our attention is Apple will be doing away with iTunes.  *GASP*


While we were briefly in shock at the news, let’s take a look…

Launched in 2001, iTunes began selling music and helped with an ever-growing issue of music piracy.  Remember Napster?  Clearly, iTunes has morphed and upgraded since it’s initial clunky release into what we now know as the smooth and sleek design that we cannot operate without.

Since then it’s launch, iTunes has positioned itself as the forerunner of music, tech, apps, and more.  Where else can you purchase music, download movies, listen to podcasts, and get your fill of audiobooks? All in one app?  It’s ok, we’re drawing a blank too. 

iTunes isn’t exactly going away as in disappearing altogether, so you can relax.  Rumor has it that iTunes will split into three apps: Music, Podcasts, and TV.  This will allow Apple to streamline the functionalities and features of each individual app and enable for a better experience for the user.  Not to mention, make room for some other cool updates that will happen with their products like iPad’s and more.  

For those that have grown up with iTunes, this definitely is a landmark change. For those still trying to figure it out, it’s about to get a whole lot easier.  Check back here in the next few days with more updates and Apple news from the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference!  


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