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Friday Feature: SXSW EDU Conference

Friday Feature: SXSW EDU Conference

It is gearing up to be about that time: SXSW.  We’re getting ready by having a fun Friday Feature for SXSW. You always hear about the Film Festival, SXSW Interactive, or how it all got started: The Music. But more often than not, the SXSW EDU often gets overlooked.


More on Education

The SXSW EDU Conference is about cultivating and empowering a community of engaged stakeholders. The main goal is to advance teaching and learning.

This year will mark the Tenth Annual SXSW EDU Conference.  What started as a small Texas focused K-12 educational conference has grown, dramatically. For example, now a much more international community is involved. The event has taken on over 750 speakers, 300+ sessions, and upwards of 38 different countries. True to SXSW form, there will be speakers, panels, networking events, and more.  There will also be competitions and, as in the past, mentor programs. In addition, there are also workshops as well. Many of the topics covered range from elementary school education to higher ed. Not only education, but also leadership and engagement.


To view the SXSW EDU Schedule: CLICK HERE


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