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New! “Urban Jungle” Photo Edit App

New! “Urban Jungle” Photo Edit App

A new, exciting photo editing app “Urban Jungle” is now available on the App Store! Now, you can add subtle enhancements or plant a forest into your suburban landscape. It’s the new “must-have” photo app!



Urban Jungle App

Internet celebrity and social media influencer Elise Swopes collaborated with BrainFeverMedia to bring more creativity to social media, especially Instagram. Swopes pulled from her experience with Instagram and her artistic side to drum up the ideal photo editing app. She wanted something that Instagrammers and digital designers could use. BrainFeverMedia brought her vision to life. Now, this new photo editing app allows users to do the most with no restrictions to the imagination.  It’s like Jumanji, but thankfully it won’t actually come out of the screen.

To use the app, you can start with any background canvas of your choice. First, choose from your photos, a blank canvas of any color, or Unsplash. Then, you can add on your layers. These include nature stickers of all sorts: animals, plants, waterfalls, thunderstorms, etc. Then, you can add sticker effects as well: blending, color saturation, shadowing, etc. Next, make your design come together with any kind of brush to add desired effects. Finally, top it off with filters and other color manipulation options. Your surreal digital art will be neo-Dali! Anyone could spend hours creating unique designs. With all the options available, the outcomes are infinite. Additionally, files can be saved as PDF, photo, or JPG.


One blog can’t cover everything that this advanced photo editing app can do. To see for yourself how Urban Jungle can show you the world, download the app here. Want to read more about it? Check out the press release. And finally, feel free to share your UJ art with us for a shout-out on our Instagram and Facebook page!


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