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New York City’s Top 10 App Developers

New York City. The Big Apple. The Empire State. Whichever way you see it, you cannot deny that New York is home to innovation and development, whether it be in media, technology, fashion, music, art, or another industry. Consequently, there are plenty of app development agencies in New York, and we compiled a list of the top 10 agencies, in no particular order.


FIVE is a mobile app development and design company based out of New York. The company is reputed to be a reliable, trusted partner that delivers value to its clients. By working to create innovative experiences, FIVE has been involved with outlets such as chatbots, websites, and innovative retail experiences.  FIVE has also developed multiple award-winning apps, such as Rosetta Stone, Squarespace, and Rhapsody.


INTREPID is an end-to-end digital product strategy, design, and development company. Founded in 2010, the company has offices in Cambridge, MA and Union Square. The company specializes in bringing digital products to the market, especially products with a consumer-end user focus. INTREPID’s most noteworthy apps include P&G’s mobile app, Make My Trip, and Ecovent.

Blue Label Labs


This award-winning digital consultancy specializes in design, development, and marketing of apps. Blue Label Labs delivers solutions for apps spanning many genres and fields, including e-commerce, finance and insurance, consumer media, and health and wellness. Additionally, some of their clients include El Dorado International Airport, BabyMed, and LoanBuilder.

Dom & Tom

Dom & Tom is a New York-based user experience and mobile app development agency for iOS, Android and Web. Dom & Tom specializes in research and discoveries, UX strategy and design, QA and development, and engineering. The agency has also created over 100 native mobile apps. In fact, some of their most notable clients include Johnson & Johnson, Citi Bank, and


This award-winning mobile design and development agency develops apps for all types of companies, from startups to enterprise clients. One of the coolest things about Fueled is that client size and popularity are irrelevant. Instead, Fueled focuses on ideas that have quality behind them, rather than the ones that make them the most money. Fueled also specializes in branding, creating websites, developing apps, and user acquisition.


FUZZ Productions is an award-winning mobile product agency based in Brooklyn, New York. This agency specializes in creating apps for clients in the following industries: Retail & Commerce, Food & Hospitality, Publishing, Health & Fitness, Media & Entertainment, Enterprise, Prototyping, IoT & Wearables, and Virtual & Augmented reality. In addition, FUZZ continuously reviews and refines their designs, prototypes,and working builds to make sure that the client gets the best results possible.


DMI is the first end-to-end mobility company, and is known for reinventing business mobility. Since we live in a world where everyone constantly uses phones and mobile devices, this agency provides relevant and valuable services. DMI combines all the skills and services necessary to deliver effective mobile enterprise solutions. Some of their key clients include Addison Lee, Warburtons, and Identity Guard.


ArcTouch creates custom app experiences for phones, tablets, smart TVs, chatbots, voice assistants, connected devices, homes, and cars. The agency also specializes in mobile strategy, experience design, app engineering, and life cycle management. ArcTouch serves clients with options such as defining a long-term mobile strategy, to maintaining developed apps. A few of the agency’s clients include Yahoo!, Audi, and CBS.


Utility is a mobile and web app development agency. The company partners up with clients to design and develop custom digital technology products, platforms and experiences. The development agency also specializes in product strategy and planning, UX/UI design, iOs and Android app development, backend server and architecture buildout, third-party API and SDK integrations, and App store management. While this may seem like a lot of buzzwords, Utility’s success includes clients like Airbnb, Target, and Samsung.

Small Planet

Small Planet Digital is a mobile app designer and developer. Their mission statement is as follows: “Respect the User. Drive the Business.” It is quite evident that the company puts the user first. Because of this mindset, Small Planet garners success.  They transform clients’ businesses by creating digital products that are not only useful, but elegant, memorable, and delightful. They have developed apps for clients such as FanDuel, Oakley, TIME, and Disney Publishing.


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