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Recharging After A Full Day of Zoom

Recharging After A Full Day of Zoom

At this point, we are all “Zoomed” out. Between work, school, and social activities, we have spent a lot of time on video calls. It causes more fatigue than having interactions in person. This is due to the large amounts of focus that are concentrated on one small screen. We want to help with some tips on how to recharge after a full day of Zoom.


Stay Active

Take a walk: At the end of the day, take a walk around your neighborhood or apartment complex. Listen to your favorite music and take it at your own pace. This will get you away from screens and your mind off the day.
Exercise: You can also do more physical activity and exercise or workout. It is good for your body after a full day of sitting. It will get your blood pumping and boost your energy levels. Go zoom around the neighborhood!
Stretch: No time to leave your home? You can do some simple stretches to help with mobility and neck/back pain. There are plenty of videos you can follow on YouTube if you don’t know where to start.


Mental Wind-down

Meditation: Another way to get your mind off work and focus on yourself is meditation. There are videos on YouTube that will guide you or apps like Simple Habit. It is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
Yoga: Going hand in hand with meditation, yoga is another way to stretch, get blood flow, and take time to yourself. Again, YouTube has plenty of videos of all lengths that you can follow. You can also check out Down Dog, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
Journaling: Another form of reflection, journaling will get your eyes off a screen and get you doing something interactive. There are many prompts out there you can follow, or you can just write what comes to mind. Getting stressors out on paper can relieve anxious feelings and feel productive.


Get Creative

Coloring: Adult coloring books are commonplace now and a good way to relax. You get to be hands-on and can listen to music or audiobooks. This will get your eyes off a screen and help you recharge.
Crafting: Feeling even more adventurous? Try a craft! Especially with the holidays, there are many home décor craft ideas you can follow. Even if it doesn’t turn out great, it can be a fun activity to spice up your day. You can find lots of ideas on Pinterest.
Cooking: If you enjoy cooking, make some time to try a new recipe or new cuisine. It can be fun to experiment and is fulfilling to try something new. You can find recipes online or on Pinterest.



Maybe some of these methods will work for you! If they do, you can add them to your routine and treat yourself to this brain break. The main thing is to get away from the computer to stimulate your mind. X out of the Zoom window and go get some relaxation!


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