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The Best Back to School Apps

The Best Back to School Apps

The last few days of summer are here. While you’ve completed your summer reading list, have your books and supplies ready, and your class schedule finalized, it’s now time to go back to school! We’ve got a few recommendations that will help you make the most of your time and studying efforts so that you can ace your classes like a champ. 



Some of you may or not remember good old fashioned flash cards. Well, think of StudyBlue as the modern-day version.  From the app, you can create and edit your own flashcards, quiz yourself, track your progress, and set reminders. No grueling hours spent writing out the flashcards themselves, not to mention the paper being saved, and it’s free!



While the thought of a quiz may make you cringe, Quizlet certainly will not. This handy little app makes studying, dare we say it? Fun.  Like StudyBlue you can make flashcards and quizzes, but with Quizlet you can play games to test your knowledge; giving you several ways to get test ready. Quizlet covers topics like science, math, history and foreign language and there is even a share mode so can study with your friends!



We’re not entirely sure how to say this, but… Where was this app when we were in college?! Soundnote may be your saving grace this year.  While you are in class taking your notes, Soundnote records the audio from the lecture.  You can later go back and tap on the text and the app will go back replay the audio from that section.  This is perfect for when you can’t decipher what you typed or perhaps you may have nodded off.  Either way, you won’t miss a note!


Wolfram Alpha 

The good old days of shuffling down the library and searching through countless encyclopedias are gone.  Now, Wolfram Alpha is the encyclopedia you need right at your fingerprints.  No more flipping through pages to find something that might not be close to what you are trying to answer. Input your question into the app and Wolfram Alpha’s computing capabilities will pull from its database to specifically answer your question.  If you alter your question even slightly, the answer will change accordingly.  

No more excuses for not getting your studying done.  These apps will rock being back to school by saving you time, energy, and help you get the job done.


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