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Tips For Editing Your Instagram Pictures

Tips For Editing Your Instagram Pictures

Working your way to become Instagram’s hottest new influencer? Or just trying to keep up with your Insta aesthetic? Editing your Instagram pictures can be overwhelming when there’s so many options. Here are some tips to adding that perfect touch to your photos.


 Insta-Worthy Pics

First, you want to prime your photo. Go to your photo in your gallery, then hit “edit”. On an iPhone and Samsung, tap on the wand icon. This will enhance lighting and make the photo look more defined. For editing selfies, try using Adobe Spark. Many claim this to be better than FaceTune. Alternatively, if you’re more of an artist and want to go all Salvador Dalí, then we suggest Urban Jungle.  This Apple app can add anything and produces endless results so you can express yourself.

Now that your photo is ready to move on the next step, choosing the right IG filter. Note- not all photos need a filter, especially if you’ve already primed your photo. Less can be more! But, here’s how to match the right filter with the right photo. Instagram experts spill on what’s best for selfies, and for landscapes. Additionally, if your photos are indoors, then try sticking with warmer filters such as Valencia, Gingham, Lark, and Slumber.

Lastly, here are some things to avoid when editing your Instagram pictures.

  • Going too far. This especially applies to saturation and contrast. Remember that you are editing to enhance and personalize, not completely change it.
  • Contradicting your lighting and filters. Your filters should be similar to the lighting in your picture.
  • Using the same method every time. If your pictures are too routine, you’ll lose followers. Add some variety!
  • Adding text on the photo. There are exceptions to this such as if you’re promoting something and really need something attention-grabbing. But overall, just say what you need to say in your caption.


These are just suggestions for modern day Instagram photos. We encourage individuality, so play around with all the filters and coloring if desired. Feel free to drop tips on how you edit your IG masterpieces!


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