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Benefits of Scheduling Your Social Media Posts

Benefits of Scheduling Your Social Media Posts

If you’re trying to reach more people on social media, try scheduling your posts to publish at a certain time. This will ensure that your post gets more views. Read on for how and why.


Benefits of Scheduling Social Media Post

Posting during the day when people are awake is step one to getting more views. If you post late at night, it might get buried under newer posts. Additionally, you want people to view your post after they’ve had their coffee. When you reach people when they’re energized, they’re more likely to engage in likes and comments.

Another benefit is being able to post when your audience is likely most active. This will vary depending on what type of content you post. Say you like to post motivational/ inspiring content. Then, you’d want to post early in the morning so your followers can start the day with your post.

Sometimes we get busy and may not have time to post when we want to. Thankfully, you can create your social media posts, then schedule to publish at your desired time. We recommend in between 8 AM – 11 AM, and 3 PM-6 PM. This feature is available on almost all platforms, but it is most common on Instagram. However, using it on Facebook is helpful too.


You can either use an app or other service to automatically post for you. Or, do it manually at first to experiment with optimal times. Here’s how to schedule a post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Scheduling your social media posts will help you manage your time and your profiles better. Also, not only will you get more views, but also more likes and comments. The same goes for social media stories as well: try to post when your audience is online, but don’t get buried. Good luck upping your follower count!


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