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Tips For Getting More Visibility on YouTube

Tips For Getting More Visibility on YouTube

Over ten years later since its conception, YouTube continues to grow. Did you know that there are over 2 billion logged-in monthly users on YouTube and 81% of them are 15-20 years old? Video is increasingly an effective way to reach your audience, but how do you manage to ensure that you reach them and they watch your videos? Don’t worry, you don’t have to drown in the sea of YouTubers! Know your audience and what they expect. YouTube trends come and go, so keep up with the latest tips to get more views.

Good, High-Quality YouTube Content

This may seem a little obvious, but many viewers will quickly exit out of a video that has poor quality. Whether they are on YouTube to educate themselves or just for fun, their time is valuable. Give them well-crafted material. Making sure the quality is good doesn’t end with the technical side. Also, focus on the content. If your video can’t immediately hook your viewer in 15 seconds, they may bounce. Making sure your videos are quality, fun, and purposeful is the secret recipe.

Create an Interesting Thumbnail 

The thumbnail is the first thing that a viewer will see about your video when browsing YouTube. Avoiding setting a thumbnail that is a freeze of an unflattering or unintriguing image. Take the time to set a thumbnail that is representative of the video or is aesthetically pleasing. You could even go the extra mile to edit and create a graphic to set as the thumbnail. The graphic can include a speaker, keywords about the topic, or serve more as a cover photo for the video.

Keywords in YouTube Video Title

Be mindful of what you title your video. Title your video with words that pertain to what your video is about. One way to effectively title your video is by thinking of what your intended audience might type in the search bar and including those words. When your intended audience looks those words up, your video will appear in the search. The title is the main thing, and maybe the only thing, your audience will read when browsing YouTube.

Notifications and Subscribers

Many YouTubers take the time in their videos to ask their viewers to subscribe to their channel, turn on channel notifications, and like their video. This can seem excessive, but they have the right idea. Asking your viewers to turn on notifications for your channel will let them know when you post your next video. When viewers subscribe to your channel, they see your next videos in their feed.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to promote yourself on other social media pages. You may feel like you’re spamming, but posting about your YouTube channel on other platforms regularly will bring attention to you. Let your existing followers know that you’ve created something new and you want them to watch it. Start making these tweaks and get your views!

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