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Tips On Using Pinterest To Market Your Brand

Tips On Using Pinterest To Market Your Brand

As with all marketing tactics, you have to be sure that your efforts reflect your brand and speak to your desired audience. Pinterest can give you more exposure if your brand fits into the platform. There are many benefits to using Pinterest to market your brand that might help you. Here’s a rundown.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest describes itself as being a “visual discovery search engine.” Users can find ideas and inspiration on crafts, clothes, home improvement, and much more. It also serves as a social media platform, with followers and messages as a feature. The content posted and shared to Pinterest are called pins. Pins are photos that can link to a website. Users pin these to their boards, where they can go back and browse through them.

Pinterest includes a home feed, where pins from the people and boards you follow show up. The home feed also shows pins that Pinterest thinks users will like based on recent activity, such as searches and pins.

How to use it for business

You can use Pinterest for your business by building an organic presence, or by boosting pins by turning them into ads. Start by creating a business profile. Then, you can begin to add pin content. As mentioned, pins are photos that can lead to a website. A way of working with this is including an image on your site that will call attention as a pin and then pin it. You can also pin images that are branded and contain your product. Like other social media platforms, adding consistently to your boards will help your account’s performance.

Pinterest offers many tools for using ads. You can create ads using Pinterest using their editor. They have a variety of targeting such as location, keywords, and devices. And of course, they have measurements and tracking so you can review what is working for you.



If Pinterest fits for connecting with your niche market, it could be worthwhile. There are 150 million pinners, and according to Pinterest, their audiences are young, affluent and highly desired.
The Pinterest algorithm does not take into account chronological information, so pins have a long shelf life. The way that the platform is set up as social media ensures that users will see previously saved pins it in their home feed.
Pinners are eager to connect with businesses and have high engagement rates with them. About two-thirds of the content saved on Pinterest comes from businesses. Pinterest reports that 87% of pinners say that Pinterest influences their purchases and 93%  use it to plan a purchase.


Although it is not as popular as other social platforms, Pinterest has a wide reach with many benefits to it. Not sure if it is right for you? Contact us and we can help market your brand in all the right spaces!


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