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What Are Internet Cookies, And What Do They Do?

What Are Internet Cookies, And What Do They Do?

You may notice that when you go to a website, a pop-up window will ask if you will allow “cookies”. To then which you accept, or decline. Internet cookies are a series of text codes that are stored in your browser. Each website contains between 1-20 cookies.  Not only does it help with browsing history, but also with log-in information, shopping recommendations, and other ways that websites tailor to you. This is why some websites will say, “Hello (Name), welcome back!”

Why do websites use them?

In simplest terms, for marketing. It will help websites remember your preferences, items you’ve looked at. They’ll start popping up ads on other websites and your social media page. Also, to advertise on their own page as well. A pop-up window asking you to join their newsletter is an example. The company will have an idea of who you are and what your interests are, and market to you accordingly.

Should I use internet cookies?

They are not harmful. They can help your device run faster, give better accuracy on your location, and help remember your passwords. However, you may need to clear your cookies every once in awhile if you notice your computer has been running slow.

How do I delete them?

Here are some links to guide you through the process with the most widely used browsers:

The bottom line: there are definite pros to accepting internet cookies. These days, information is shared frequently and at rapid-fire. That being said, a lack of data privacy is at times seen as a concern. So, cleaning up house and deleting those cookies once in a while is never a bad idea.

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