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10 Travel Apps to Explore This Summer

10 Travel Apps to Explore This Summer


Summer is just around the corner, and what better time to think about that dream vacation you always wanted. If you’re itching to travel, why not plan ahead to avoid any bumps along the way? The wonderful world of mobile apps offers just that. With a plethora to choose from, it can be hard to discern which can really sate your wanderlust. Here are our 10 best travel apps to have handy for your perfect summer getaway:


The NPS App

With more than 400 national parks spanned across the United States, it can be a hassle to keep track of where to stay, trails, tours, park regulations and visitor information. The NPS app saves you from that headache for all you traveling nature-lovers out there. This app is a must-have to plan out your visit to enjoy these natural wonders. The NPS app is available on android and iOS devices.




Randonautica is a fun app that offers the close comfort of home with discovery. This nifty app generates a random GPS location for users to find within their set radius. It’s a great way to really explore the seldom seen parts of your hometown. Users can share their discoveries, pictures, and thoughts with others in Discover tab. Randonautica is available on android and iOS.





Let’s face it, Airbnb will always be the go-to app for vacation rentals, and for good reason. This app spices up your travels with both convenient and unforgettable stays worldwide. Whether it’s a brownstone off a busy Brooklyn street or treehouse hidden in the Texas Hill Country. Airbnb is available on android and iOS.





If you’re a fan of roadside attractions, highway diners and local landmarks, this is the perfect app for you. Roadtrippers takes the phrase it’s the journey not the destination to heart. Letting users take the road less travelled by with many unique stops along the way. Roadtrippers is available on android and iOS.





When you’re on the road, last minute hotel deals and a room for the night are extremely hard to come by. With HotelTonight, users can have the best of both worlds. This app lets users book the best hotel prices and accommodations wherever they may be. HotelTonight is available on android and iOS.





Polarsteps is the go-to app for documenting and sharing your travel adventures. Users can create and share a vast map and timelines of all their destinations around the world for all to see. The app offers destination guides to ensure you get the best out of your trip. Polarsteps is available on android and iOS.




Currency Converter Plus

It never hurts to know the exchange rates on currency when travelling out the country. Currency Converter Plus offers accurate exchange rates for every country, including crypto and metal. Currency Converter Plus is available on android and iOS.




Culture trip

Culture trip totes itself as the app curious travelers, and we couldn’t agree more. Wherever your summer getaway may take you, Culture trip provides users with informative articles on must-do activities, attractions, and accommodations. Culture trip is available on android and iOS.





You can stop worrying about international phone bills. From the developers of Facebook, Whatsapp is a messaging and video call app is free and can be used anywhere overseas. All you need is Wi-Fi. Whatsapp is available on android and iOS.





If you’re the type of person to lose travel plans in your inbox, TripIt is the app for you. TripIt works by connecting to your email, ensuring your itinerary is kept handy. It even will send you updates should anything impact your travels. TripIt is available on android and iOS.


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